Custom for Teresa


Six sets of 4 hose guides for a total of 24 hose guides

$74 per set - Total product is $298 plus $60 shipping


Beautiful and functional, these hose guides will prevent your hose from damaging your flowers and plants while adding a touch of art to your garden. At 19.5" tall, the hose guides stay solidly in place and still put on a pretty show.


Made of solid iron ball and stake, you'll get years and years of use.  Hammerable with a rubber mallet.


Available in natural iron. The natural iron will form a rustic finish over time or you can paint or preserve the natural look with any quality metal product.

Custom Teresa - Six Sets of 4 Faceted Ball Hose Guides

  • Dimensions: Full stake length 19.5 inches; stake only is 15.5 inches

    Weight: 1.5 lbs

    Material: Solid iron ball finial and stake