This whimsical spiral container size garden obelisk and adds vertical interest and structure to your containers or garden. 


The  teepee design and the ¼” solid iron legs hold up to heavy vining plants and are the perfect diameter for tendrils to grab. With 4 legs to climb, you can create a flower tower or the prettiest bean pole ever. This built to last solid iron garden obelisk will give you years and years of beauty and function.


Size it to your needs between approximately 10-16 inches.  It takes very little room to store - simply secure the legs together with a band.


All Garden Obelisks come in a natural iron finish. The natural iron will form a rustic finish over time or you can paint or preserve the natural look with any quality metal product. 


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72" Tall Spiral Garden Obelisk

  • Dimensions: 

    Full height 72 inches

    Spiral  4  3/4  inches high; cast iron

    4 Legs

    One Piece fully welded

    Handmade in USA


    Weight:  5 lbs